Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hill 55

Hill 55 ( Camp Muir ) was a Marine Corps fire base and observation post. We all were here at some point in our tour. Terry, Denny and I located the ridge line in the second last photo. There was also another war memorial. If only they used all the memorial money to fix the roads or build schools or something..



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  1. Amazing how communist countries love their war memorials. Don't see many locals around them. Terry is correct, 'To the Victor Belongs the Spoils'. The war memorials leave a bad taste in my mouth all the way back here but it is their right. I'll bet that rendition of 'Happy Birthday' will be talked about for generations. Maybe they will think it's an American curse. Enjoying all the pictures and the weather looks beautiful. Monsoon is over in the north. Stay safe & Semper Fi.