Friday, March 20, 2009


Denny left Syracuse and flew to Cleveland. Terry drove to Aurora from Pittsburg and Amy drove us to Cleveland Hopkins airport. We met Dennys flight from Syracuse and headed for our flight to LA. We left Cleveland around 5:00 PM and met Charlie at LAX for dinner where we toasted one for Jimmy. Next stop Hanoi.

Here is how it broke down.
5 hours Cleveland to LA
5 h0ur layover in LA
15 hours LA to Taiwan
4 hour layover in Taiwan
4 hours Taiwan to Hanoi


We arrived safe but very tired. It is now 7:00 Saturday morning and we all got a good nights rest.

More post to follow soon.

I appologize for spelling errors but my spell checker is making suggestions in Vietnamese. I have to fix that later,

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  1. Bring me home some of that tasty-looking chicken/rooster/duck. And, I don't know - the wiring didn't look too bad to me. . .I didn't see any knots.